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If the camera has not yet been delivered, or you have not fitted it, or you have an accident before it is fitted, then you will be responsible for paying your policy excess as normal. If we do not receive footage within 72 hours of the accident, we may be unable to recover or reimburse your excess, although we will try to assist as much as we can if the circumstances are outside of your control.  

The footage is owned by you, it is your personal data. However, by purchasing a policy from Motor-Vision Insurance Services, you are giving permission to Motor-Vision Insurance Services, our claims provider and your insurer to use the footage in whatever way is necessary to defend or process your claim. The footage may also be shared with the police and with other fraud prevention agencies. For more information about how we and other parties use your data please see our Privacy Policy notice. 

If you want your Dash Cam to be professionally fitted, please select this option when purchasing a policy online. VisionTrack (the camera provider) will then contact you and arrange for their professional technicians to meet with you at a convenient time and place to carry out the fitting process. Please allow at least one full working day after purchasing your Motor-Vision Insurance policy for VisionTrack to make contact, as this will enable us to ensure we have provided them with your details and made them aware you are a Motor-Vision Insurance customer.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s operation and installation manual. There is also an instructional video that you can access by clicking here. It is recommended that you fit the camera as high on the windscreen, and as central, as possible. Do not fit in directly within the driver’s field of vision. If you have any problems with the fitment, please contact VisionTrack on 01246 223152 or

When you purchase the insurance policy from us, we will give you an option, at a further cost, of having your camera professionally installed. If you decide to take this option when you have already purchased the policy, please contact us. We will take the additional payment and pass your details to VisionTrack so that they can contact you to arrange fitment at a time and location suitable to you.

Before using the camera for the first time, please ensure you accurately set the time and date. Instructions on how to do so can be found within the supplied instructions. Please read the instructions carefully and if further assistance is required please call VisionTrack on 01246 223152.

The camera will automatically recognise that an impact has occurred and it will store the footage. When you can do so, you can disconnect the camera from your vehicle and attach it to your computer via the supplied USB cable. You can then click here to upload your footage. It will be sent immediately to Motor-Vision Insurance Services and to our claim’s handlers.

Please click here to see instruction video on how to upload your footage

If you are unable to upload footage of an accident or incident which might give rise to a claim within 72 hours of that incident occurring, then you will not be able to reclaim your excess. This includes as a result of the device not being operational and delays in uploading the footage. Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties because you may be able to post the SD card or camera to us so that we can upload your data on your behalf. We will not cover the postage costs for you to send the SD card or the camera to us and we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the data, SD card or camera. We will return the item to you via special deliver postage.


Your Dash Cam comes with a 12 month warranty, so if there is a mechanical failure, we will replace it free of charge within that period. After the first 12 months, or if the failure is caused for reasons other than mechanical failure (for example if it has been damaged) you will be required to pay the cost of purchasing a new one if you wish to continue with your Motor-Vision Insurance policy. If you do not do so, your annual insurance premium may be increased.

You should check the applicable laws if you use your vehicle abroad because different countries have different rules around the use of recording equipment. Before you set off make sure you find out the rules for all the countries you may visit on your journey. You should also be aware that in the event you are unable to record or upload accident footage within 72 hours of the incident occurring, regardless of the reason, you may be unable to recover your policy excess.

Provided the camera is correctly installed and connected to the Vehicle Accessory Socket of your vehicle, it should record continuously when the car’s ignition is on. If for any reason the device stops working you should refer to the product manufacturers guide or contact VisionTrack.

You can view the user manual by clicking here

You will still have to pay your excess as normal. However, if it is a fault incident, it will be reimbursed up to a maximum of £500 or the full amount of your excess (if your policy excess is lower than £500) if as we are satisfied that footage has been provided within 72 hours of the accident occurring.


The excess is only recoverable in the event of an accident, not a theft or any other sort of insurance claim. If the incident is not your fault, we will attempt to recover your costs (including your excess) from the person who caused the accident, however if we cannot do so, we will still be able to reimburse the excess (up to £500) if the footage of the accident was provided to us within 72 hours.

Once you have uploaded your footage here, it will be available only to Motor-Vision Insurance staff and to staff of our claims management partner and your insurer, to view for the purposes of processing your claim. It may also be shared with the other party’s insurer to assist in negotiating fault. The footage may also be shared with the policy and/or fraud detection agencies if necessary. 

If this is the case, and the footage cannot be provided to us within the 72-hour period, you may be unable to recover your policy excess, however when this is outside of your control, we will try to assist in recovering your excess where possible.


If we, the insurer or you decide to cancel your insurance policy you should be aware that cancellation charges may apply. You should refer to our terms and conditions and your insurers policy documents for full details of all charges that may apply.


If you cancel the motor insurance policy, any refund you may be due and charges that may be due from you will be set out within the insurers policy wording. You should also be aware of the charges we make, and you can find details of these in our terms and conditions. The camera will remain your property. 


By purchasing a Motor-Vision Insurance policy, you are agreeing to use the dashcam that we are providing to you at all times while driving and to providing footage of any incident that may occur, to help your insurer process or defend any claim. You are also giving permission to Motor-Vision Insurance, our claims provider, and your insurer to use the footage in whatever way is necessary to defend or process your claim. If you provide footage within 72 hours of a fault accident, we will reimburse your excess, up to a maximum of £500.

It is your legal responsibility to advise any passengers in your vehicle, or anybody else who may drive it, that there is a camera fitted and that it is recording footage. It is illegal to interact with the camera while driving (even if stationary) and doing so may render you liable for a fine and penalty points on your licence. If you are driving abroad, please familiarise yourself with the laws of that country in relation to Dash Cam use, as in some European countries, it can be illegal to use a Dash Cam. 

It is unlikely that your DashCam will be automatically covered unless it has been professionally fitted, as most insurers only cover permanently fitted audio/visual equipment. However, if it is damaged in an accident or stolen, Motor-Vision Insurance Services will try to provide you with a replacement free of charge.

Please see the instruction video by clicking here. It is recommended that you fit the camera as high on the windscreen and as central as possible. Do not fit in directly within the driver’s field of vision.


If you want your dashcam to be professionally fitted, please let us know when you purchase the policy. Once we have taken payment, VisionTrack (the camera provider) will contact you, usually within 3 working days, to arrange for their professional technicians to meet with you at a convenient time and place to carry out the fitting. Please note that although you will pay the fitment cost to us, you will be responsible for paying VisionTrack any charges or fees caused if you miss the appointment, or for any late amendments that you make to the booking time, date or location. VisionTrack will provide full details of these fees when they contact you to arrange the fitment.

VisionTrack is our chosen supplier for the dashboard cameras. They also provide the facility for you to upload your dashboard camera recordings. You can upload your dash cam recordings here 

NCD stands for No Claim Discount (also referred to as No Claims Bonus and NCB), which represents the number of years you have held a policy without making a claim or having a claim made against you.

NCD can allow quite a large discount as it shows a good driving history. This must be proven to allow the discount. Unfortunately, insurance fraud is on the rise and we want to protect our clients from potential price increases by verifying documents such as NCD, driving licences and other important information.  

No Claims Discount usually remains valid for 2 years from the expiry date of your last insurance policy. If you are unsure whether your No Claims Discount is still valid please speak to a member of our team when getting your quotation as an additional premium would need to be paid if your No Claims Discount has expired and can no longer be used. 

Most underwriters will accept NCD from the United Kingdom only. However, we do have some schemes where we can accept NCD from other selected countries but it is important that we are informed of the origins of your NCD before you accept the quotation. We can then make sure you have the right policy for your driving experience.  

You can only use your NCD on one policy at a time. We do, however, offer policies that allow a discount if you have NCD on another policy. This is called an "Introductory Discount" and is usually only given if you are claim free.

As a broker we use a wide panel of insurers – some will issue a traditional No Claims Discount and others will issue a claim free driving letter as confirmation of your claim free driving experience.

Typically, being named on a company vehicle does not earn No Claims Discount. However, if you have driving experience on a company vehicle, we can often provide a discount for this. To discuss this in more detail please call us on 01708 952 604.

For an extra premium charge you can protect your NCD. This allows you to make a stated number of claims in a stated number of years without affecting your discount. For instance you may be able to make two claims in three years without your discount being affected.

It is important that you provide complete and accurate information that could be relevant for your insurance policy. Failure to do so could result in your policy being cancelled or voided and you being left without cover. We need to know all information regarding you, your driving history including any claims or motoring offences for you and any other drivers who will be using the car, the car details and where the vehicle is kept. It is useful to remember that insurance companies and the police are starting to share information about cover, drivers and driving history.

Insurance companies need to take a lot of information in order to calculate a price: things like the make and model of car, postcode, driving history, claim experience, occupation and type of use. By taking so much information we can personalise the price for your specific circumstances.

This applies only to DVLA reportable conditions that may affect the conditions under which you are granted your driving licence along with any restrictions the DVLA have applied to your Licence.

The main driver is the person who uses the car the most. On some occasions a young driver might need to be listed as the main user to ensure the policy is rated on the correct basis.

Statistics show that newly qualified drivers are involved in more road accidents than anyone else. It is important that the annual premium takes this into account and is rated correctly. As a result, the majority of insurers require any young driver to be rated as the “main user” of the vehicle.

Fronting is an illegal car insurance practice whereby an older driver - often a parent - tries to save money by saying they're the main user of a vehicle driven by a younger or other high-risk motorist. As a result, insurers generally require any young or novice driver to be rated as the “main user”. This can also be the case for heavily convicted drivers or drivers with multiple claims in the last 5 years.

Statistics prove that newly qualified drivers are involved in more road accidents than anyone else. You will need to prove yourself to be a safe driver and therefore a low risk to insurance companies; this will only come with experience. If you have passed your test within the past 12 months you may consider taking the Pass Plus course.

The email address you enter will be used to send you important information, including your insurance documents. By entering your email address and telephone number you consent that we use this information for that purpose. We telephone each customer to validate their information and their insurance policy, so it is very important that you provide an email address you frequently use and telephone numbers that we can reach you on during our office hours. These contact details will then be used throughout the life of your policy for us to contact you when we need to.

It is important that all the information we hold for you is accurate and up to date. You need to notify us of any significant changes to your information and contact details that are relevant to your insurance policy. Such as vehicle details, occupation, address, motoring offences, annual mileage, additional driver information. If any of your circumstances change, please call us on 01708 952 604.

It is important your annual mileage is as accurate as possible, the easiest way to calculate this is to monitor how many miles you do on a typical day or week and then work out the annual total.

For example, if you usually do 5 miles a day you need to multiply this amount by 365. It is always best to round this number up to the nearest thousand. For example, 5 miles per day x 365 days in a year= 1825, so 2000 miles for the year should cover this.

The annual mileage you declare is used to determine the price of the insurance premium. If you go over the annual mileage this could invalidate the insurance cover and cause a claim not to be paid. A lot of insurers apply mileage endorsements to a policy.


You will be asked to search for your car's make and model. If the system does not display an exact match please call us on 01708 952 604. Selecting the closest match to your vehicle could invalidate the insurance cover or cause the premium to be increased when correcting this to the correct vehicle.

Our online quote facility does enable you to gain a quote should your car have modifications. Some insurers might increase the premium if the vehicle has been modified however at Motor-Vision Insurance we deal with insurers who respect the modified vehicle driver. If you wish to speak to one of our team members, please call on: 01708 952 604.

We have a wide range of schemes to cover most imported cars. If your vehicle cannot be found on the on-line system, please call us on 01708 952 604 and we will try to assist you.

This information is available from your Registration Document (V5). This information can also be found by searching your vehicle registration here:

There may be a reason for the owner and registered keeper to be different individuals. For example, you may use a car that is owned by someone else in which case you would be the registered keeper. Or you may own a car that you allow your spouse to use and therefore, the registered keeper would be your spouse.

If your vehicle has been impounded, it is important you speak to a member of our team on 01708 952 604. A lot of insurers are unable to cover a vehicle which has been impounded, however at Motor-Vision Insurance we will do our best to assist you. It is important that any convictions linked to the vehicle being impounded are disclosed when obtaining the quote.

An immobiliser is an electronic device that stops the car from being started if it is broken into. Although this won't stop your car from being broken into, it may well stop it from being driven away.

A tracker is an electronic device (normally fitted as an accessory after purchase of the car), which emits a signal enabling law enforcement agencies to locate the car anywhere in the UK if it has been stolen. Usually with a tracker you would need to pay a subscription for the tracking device each year.

When obtaining a quote, you will be asked where your vehicle is kept overnight. It is important this question is answered honestly and accurately. If your vehicle is garaged overnight insurers might apply an endorsement to the policy which requires your vehicle to be locked in the garage when not in use and overnight. Failure to do so could invalidate the insurance cover. If you are unsure on how to answer this question, please speak to a team member. 

The answer to this, typically, is no. An underground carpark no matter how secure would need to be rated as a carpark. If you are unsure on the parking, please speak to a team member to discuss further.

Firstly, please ensure you contact us so that we can arrange for your insurance policy to be transferred to the new vehicle. You can then simply remove the camera from your old vehicle and install it in the new one. If you would like the camera to be professionally installed in the new vehicle, please contact VisionTrack to arrange for this to be carried out at a time and location suitable for you. Please note that while you will not be charged for a new camera, VisionTrack will charge you a fee for arranging and carrying out the installation.

An excess is the amount you are obliged to pay to your insurance company before your claim is paid. For example, a compulsory excess of £100 means that you will contribute this amount before receiving any compensation from the insurance company. You can decrease the insurance premium by adding a voluntary excess amount which will then be payable in the event of a claim on top of the compulsory excess. For instance, if your policy has a compulsory excess of £100 and a voluntary of £200, you will pay £300 total excess in the event of a claim.

You need to advise of any motoring offence in the last 5 years including any pending prosecutions. Visit for more information.

The main policy types to consider are TPO (third party), TPFT (third party, fire and theft) and comprehensive. Consider the pros and cons of each and choose the appropriate cover for your needs:

Third party only (TPO) cover is the most basic type of car insurance you can buy and the minimum cover required by law in the UK. With such a policy you'll be covered for liability for injury to others (including passengers), damage to third party property and liability whilst towing but not for fire damage, theft, loss or damage to your vehicle

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) is one of the more basic types of car insurance. This policy will cover you for injury to others (including passengers), damage to third party property, liability whilst towing, fire damage and theft, but not for loss or damage to your vehicle

Fully Comprehensive (COMP) It provides third party cover for claims made against you for injuries to other people, including passengers, as well as damage to other cars or property. A comprehensive policy will also insure your vehicle against theft, fire and accidental damage. Many fully comprehensive policies have additional benefits, such as providing a courtesy car whilst yours is in the garage (subject to the circumstances of the claim), paying for medical treatment following a road accident, covering the theft of extras such as sat-nav systems (referred to as personal effects cover, this is limited) and/or paying to repair damaged windscreens. Bear in mind that some so-called comprehensive policies may be 'stripped back' policies offering a level of cover that you may consider rather basic.

No, tools are not covered under any insurance policy we offer. However, we do offer Tools Cover as an additional extra. Please call us on 01708 952 604 and we can arrange a quotation over the telephone

Most insurers allow a designated period of cover free of charge within EU countries on a pleasure use basis. You should contact us before you depart to ensure that the countries you are travelling to are acceptable, you are within the amount of days allocated by your Insurer and whether there is a charge for the cover. When contacting us it also advisable to check whether you are covered third party only when driving abroad, or whether the cover on your schedule extends to the EU cover also. 

Each policy differs depending on customer requirements. We do not automatically insure you to drive other cars so you should check your Certificate of Motor Insurance to see if you are covered. This cover would also only ever be given on a comprehensive policy and would only provide TPO cover on the vehicle being used. This cover is excluded on commercial vehicle policies.


Breakdown cover can be purchased for an additional premium. If you have paid for breakdown service please CLICK HERE to find out what your level of cover offers.

It is important that you have the right use for your car, if you have the wrong use you may find that your insurance company will not pay out on a claim or charge an increase in premium to proceed with a claim.

  • Social, Domestic & Pleasure - this covers you for normal day-to-day driving, such as driving to visit family or friends, or shopping.
  • Commuting - this covers you to drive back and forth to one permanent place of work. Please note that travelling to a railway station, where you park your car, is classed as commuting.
  • Business use - this covers you to use the car in connection with your job, driving to different sites, travelling to training courses or prearranged meetings away from your normal place of work.
  • Commercial travelling - This covers the car to be used for such things as door-to-door sales
  • Carriage of own goods - This covers you if you drive your van to and from work and transport business related goods such as your own tools.
  • Carriage of goods for hire & reward - will cover your vehicle whilst transporting goods for other parties.

If your vehicle is damaged as a result of a claim that is covered by your policy, providing you are using one of the insurers recommended repairers to repair your vehicle, your insurer may offer you a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs, subject to availability. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economical repair, your insurer would not normally provide a courtesy car but will settle your claim as quickly as possible.

A “guaranteed replacement vehicle” policy is available at an additional cost. Please speak to a team member to find out more.

If you have purchased a Motor-Vision Insurance legal cover policy, this will provide a stress free service aimed to achieve a 100% recovery of your uninsured losses where you have been involved in a blame free accident with a known third party.

It offers £100,000 limit of indemnity and enables you to gain compensation where the other driver (third party) is at fault. A Motor-Vision Insurance Legal Protection policy pays for the cost of legal representation by an appointed solicitor or legal representative to a limit of £100,000.

There are 3 payment methods available:

  • Payment in full
  • Payment by monthly direct debit
  • Two separate part-payments

If you would like to arrange a policy with ourselves via telephone, you will need to contact our quotations department on 01708 952 604. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Alternatively, you can send a cheque in the post including your unique reference number and contact telephone number.

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, you will be asked to pay a deposit.

When you pay for your insurance, you are required to confirm that you, as the policyholder, are the account cardholder. If you wish to use someone else's details, we will need to speak to the account or cardholder for their permission.

In recent years insurers have been losing money by writing motor business. There has been pressure in the market to keep rates down due to the fact that so many companies are writing motor insurance but as they have lost so much money they are now putting the rates up so that they can cover claims losses and make money again.

Auto renewal is a process that allows your policy to be automatically renewed from its expiry date for a further twelve months. Payment continues to be taken from the account details we hold meaning that there is no interruption in your insurance cover. Your renewal is based on the information we currently hold and the cover you have previously selected, including any optional covers. If any details have changed or you wish to make changes to your policy, please contact us to notify us.

Please contact one of our renewals team to notify us that you want to opt out of the auto renewal process. CLICK HERE for contact information.

You will receive any documentation requested by email the same day. If you have requested the documentation to be issued by post then you can expect your documents within 5 working days, providing validation has been completed.

We request this information to confirm accurate information was given at the point of inception to help prevent insurance fraud. Having accurate information lowers the risk of an insurance claim being refused.

You may be asked to send a copy of your photocard licence and a check code produced by the DVLA website. All drivers named on your policy will also need to complete this process. Please follow the steps below to obtain your check code.

Step 1: Have your driving licence, National Insurance number and postcode to hand

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: Click the green ‘start now’ button

Step 4: Input your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode

Step 5: Tick to confirm you understand the information and agree to the terms.

Step 6: Select ‘view now’

Step 7: Select the ‘share your licence information Beta’ tab

Step 8: Click the green ‘create a code’ button

Step 9: Make a record of your check code

Step 10: Email, fax or post your photo card licence and check code together with your driving licence number

CLICK HERE for more information.

Below is a list of acceptable documents for proof of address. All forms of proof need to be within the last 3 months, these can be sent by E-mail, fax or post.

  • Council tax bill (valid for current year)
  • Utility bill (Gas, Electric, Water, Phone or TV license)
  • Telephone bill (mobile phone bills are not acceptable)
  • Sky or cable TV bills
  • Credit card bill (Excluding pre-paid cards)
  • Bank, Building Society, Credit Union statement
  • Mortgage statement from a recognised lender
  • Disabled parking document
  • Residence parking permit
  • HM Revenue & Customs tax notification
  • Tenancy agreement (must be from a local council or reputable lending agency)
  • Recent Benefits Agency letter (Department for Works & Pensions, Job Centre Plus, Benefits agency, Veterans Agency) confirming your rights to benefits National
  • V5

If all the documents requested are not returned to us we may cancel your insurance policy. Most insurance companies need to receive your documents within 30 days of purchasing your policy.

All documents requested by us can be returned by:

Email –

Fax – 0870 238 4444

Post – Tollgate House, 96 Market Place, Romford, Essex, RM1 3ER

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or you have your car stolen, vandalised or damaged in any way, you can call us to report a claim on 01708 952 602. We will provide you with the support you need, details of the repairer nearest to you and all the steps involved. As one of our customers, you will always receive the highest standards of service.

You need to advise of any accident or claim you have made in the last 5 years. This includes claims/incidents regardless of blame, fault or whether claimed or not and windscreen claims.

Your insurance premium is calculated based on numerous factors, including your driving history. This includes non-fault claims. This might not necessarily impact the insurance premium, however, it is important you disclose all claims information when obtaining a quote.

Yes, all incidents need to be advised to us whether you are making a claim or not. You can report the incident to us on 01708 952 602.

The terms fault and non-fault can be confusing. A non-fault claim is simply a claim where the insurer is able to recover all their costs from someone else. If they are not able to recover all their costs, then it is a fault claim even if you didn't cause the claim to occur. For example, a theft is typically classed as a fault claim because although you are not to blame for the theft, the insurance company had no third party to claim the costs from so they classify it as a fault claim.

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