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having a dash cam could:

  •    Reduce your insurance costs
  •    Reduce your excess
  •    Speed up claim processing
  •    Help prove you were not at fault
  •    Video evidence may help protect your No Claims Bonus

Why Dash Cams save you money with Motor-Vision

  • Evidence shows that drivers with Dash Cams are more careful on the road

  • Dash Cams provide video evidence of exactly what happened should you be involved in a car accident.

  • A Dash Cam can prove you weren’t at fault (it’s no longer just one person’s word against another’s).

  • Video evidence helps get claims settled – quickly and efficiently.

  • Using Dash Cam evidence significantly reduces fraud.

  • With Dashcam video evidence, you may also be able to retain your No Claims Discount.

  • And you may be able to get back any insurance excess payments.

That’s why Motor-Vision Insurance can save money for responsible Dash Cam drivers.

What Dash cam?

why dash cam

To reduce your insurance premiums with Motor-Vision, your car must have a Dash Cam that records video of the road ahead on every journey you make.

With every Motor-Vision policy we offer a free VTGo 112 Dash Cam. We'd prefer your Dash Cam is professionally fitted, but you may install it yourself. (An App downloaded to a mobile phone is not acceptable, however.)

Video when it’s needed

We’ll only need to see your Dashcam video footage if your car is involved in an accident. Apart from that, we won't need to watch your videos!

We’re not checking up on you!